A New Year – A New Start

If you have spent too much time juggling problems with your employees and want to return your focus to your business, let us support you with your HR needs. We provide expert advice and solutions in all aspects of human resource management. At Atoll HR we pride ourselves on working in partnership with you to […]

VE Day Celebration change of UK bank holiday

The early May bank holiday in 2020 will move from Monday 4 May to Friday 8 May to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day. There will be commemorative events across the country to honour the incredible sacrifice men and women made during the Second World War. The early May Bank Holiday is simply being […]

When To Consider Suspending An Employee

Suspending an employee should never be an automatic action for every disciplinary investigation, the impact of any suspension can have a serious effect on an employees reputation.  The decision of whether or not to suspend an employee suspected of misconduct can be a difficult matter for employers. Suspension should only be considered in cases where: […]

Career Values Coaching

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Career Values Coaching at Atoll HR. Are you seeking guidance with career direction, support in preparing for employment interviews, facing redundancy and require a skills assessment, help with managing employment relationships or simply want to initiate change at work? If so, the Career Values Coaching pathway will help […]

Leave Of Absence

Have any of your employees asked for an extended leave of absence and you have no idea how to manage their request? An extended leave of absence is designed to provide employees with an additional period of leave for a pre-determined time period whilst maintaining their employment status.  Having a clear Leave of Absence Policy in […]

Creating A Learning Culture

Do you have a learning culture?  Are you developing your employees skills and competencies for the emerging jobs and changes in technology?   Many business claim to have a learning culture but what actually is it, at Atoll HR we believe there are 5 key steps to creating a learning culture: • Encourage creativity and […]

Are You Prepared For The Christmas Period?

Workplace Christmas parties bring many issues and employer’s may need to rethink their approach to the traditional Christmas party to protect themselves from potential tribunal claims.  At Atoll HR our advice is: • Have a policy on work-related social events and ensure employees are aware of its content. • Make clear what behaviour is acceptable, […]

Why do Companies need a Social Media Policy?

Having a Social Media Policy is a necessity for all businesses. Social media has a number of advantages for a Company and we read a lot about how it can be used as a marketing tool to build brands.  There are however pitfalls – by implementing a Social Media Policy it will set a code […]

The 5 Minute Challenge

Who are your business role models? If you had 5 minutes to ask any question to a successful entrepreneur what would you ask?  I would suggest the following to help you with your own business growth: • What compelled you to start? • How did you get your idea for the business? • Name one […]

Why Is An Induction Programme So Important?

An Induction Programme is the critical final piece of the recruitment process.  It should enable employees to feel confident and competent in their new role whilst creating a professional impression of your company.  It gives you the chance to welcome new employees and build upon their enthusiasm for the new job. Induction or Employee Onboarding, […]