Policies that require updating

Covid-19 has had a major impact on the way we work and has created numerous challenges for both employers and employees. We would recommend a refresh of the following policies to align with new ways of working. 1. Improve your mental health policy With the impact Covid-19 has had on so many people’s health and […]

The effects of poor recruitment

Hiring the right people is key, and there are many repercussions when recruiting and selection systems fail. There are many ways that bad hiring decisions can damage your company. At Atoll HR time and again we have experienced businesses making a bad hire. Here are the key repercussions we have experienced and what you should […]


We have recently celebrated our four year anniversary and we have taken some time to reflect on our journey and achievements. As a business we have grown year on year and have clients spanning across Europe to the USA. We pride ourselves on working in partnership with our clients to understand their culture and tailor […]

Frequently asked questions

As HR consultants we are often asked similar questions by our clients. These are the current top 3 questions we have responded to this month? 1. Should an employer manage an employee’s poor performance through disability or capability? The employer will need to determine if the poor performance is down to capability or misconduct, it […]

A New Year – A New Start

If you have spent too much time juggling problems with your employees and want to return your focus to your business, let us support you with your HR needs. We provide expert advice and solutions in all aspects of human resource management. At Atoll HR we pride ourselves on working in partnership with you to […]

Employment Policies

Employment policies describe the legislation and working conditions that govern the employer and employee relationship. Employers have a duty to abide by employment law and policies have an important role in outlining a Company’s approach to various HR matters. At Atoll HR we work with our clients to ensure they achieve consistency across the business […]

Outsourced HR

At Atoll HR we pride ourselves on supporting and advising our clients on their exact needs, to us there is no one size fits all. We invest time getting to know your business and the way it works. That way, we can provide you with a service tailored to your precise business, culture and geographical […]