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Policies that require updating

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Covid-19 has had a major impact on the way we work and has created numerous challenges for both employers and employees. We would recommend a refresh of the following policies to align with new ways of working.
1. Improve your mental health policy
With the impact Covid-19 has had on so many people’s health and wellbeing, it is time to update and improve your mental health policy. The policy should cover how staff can discuss their mental health concerns, training for all employees not just managers and what support both internally and externally is available. Most importantly mental health should not be seen as a ‘tick box’ exercise.
2. Freshen up your home working policy
After the majority of employees working remotely or flexibly during the pandemic, it’s now become standard for many businesses. Employers should ensure they have a robust policy which covers purely remote working, hybrid working, flexible working, home working risk assessments and how to manage performance remotely.

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