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Managing employees during COVID-19

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Are you ready for potential home working due to COVID-19?
With the looming prospect to introduce the “delay” phase in the fight against COVID-19 which may result in school closures – have you considered what this means for your business and employees?
Atoll HR provide a few key steps about how to implement working from home:
* Communication – over communicate – start with your leaders and provide daily updates to employees about the situation and what it means.
* Set boundaries and expectations – discuss how work will be deployed, shared, measured on a daily basis.
* Avoid using email – try to engage in visual communication – only use email where appropriate.
* Provide training/information on how to use SKYPE or ZOOM.
* Put in place a Code of Conduct about how to communicate, work and behave.
* Ensure you have up to date Working From Home, Flexible Working and Absence Management Policies.
* Where necessary, consider alternatives such as reduction of hours and in extreme cases, short term working or layoffs.
For support with any of the above, please contact us for more information.

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