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Why Is An Induction Programme So Important?

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Why Is An Induction Programme So Important?

An Induction Programme is the critical final piece of the recruitment process.  It should enable employees to feel confident and competent in their new role whilst creating a professional impression of your company.  It gives you the chance to welcome new employees and build upon their enthusiasm for the new job.

Induction or Employee Onboarding, as it is often now called, can have a positive impact on employee retention and starts the employees journey off with the right information to ensure maximum productivity as quickly as possible.

It is crucial that the Induction Programme is well-organised to answer the new employees pertinent questions and not leave them feeling overwhelmed.  Getting the process wrong may disengage your new employee and can even motivate them to leave.

At Atoll HR we design be-spoke Employee Onboarding Programmes that provide a gateway to engage your new employees from their very first day.  Contact us to find out more.

This will help the Company gain visibility of any issues, trends and patterns and the chance to tie up any loose ends with the employee before leaving. 

An exit interview should be used not only to understand why valued employees are leaving but also form the basis of an action plan to prevent others from resigning in the future.


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