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At Atoll HR we have created a list of Covid-19 frequently asked questions we have been asked by our clients:

What does furlough mean?
It is a temporary leave of absence from work, where the employees are kept on the payroll. Employees must not work during their period of furlough.

Who can apply to the Job Retention Scheme?
Any employer of any size where the employee was on the PAYE payroll before 28th February 2020.

Can I place an employee on furlough instead of Statutory Sick Pay?
If an employee is sick or self-isolating they should receive SSP. They can be furloughed after the sick pay period if there is no work for them and they are at risk of redundancy.

Do employees have to agree to be furloughed?
Yes employees must be consulted due to the change of their employment status

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