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Are You Prepared For The Christmas Period?

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Are You Prepared For The Christmas Period?

Workplace Christmas parties bring many issues and employer’s may need to rethink their approach to the traditional Christmas party to protect themselves from potential tribunal claims.  At Atoll HR our advice is:

• Have a policy on work-related social events and ensure employees are aware of its content.

• Make clear what behaviour is acceptable, whilst you are not going to discipline staff for drinking alcohol and having fun, fighting, being abusive or bringing the Company into disrepute would be taken very seriously

• If allegations are made at a social event, do not investigate at the party wait until you are back at the workplace

• Ensure staff are clear of what is acceptable use of social media at a work-related party

• If there are multiple requests for additional leave over the Christmas period, any requests should be treated in a fair, consistent and flexible manner

• Be more vigilant for employees under 18, they are not allowed alcohol under the law.


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