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With mental health issues on the rise in the workplace, checking in with your employees is more important now than ever. People managers play a fundamental role in supporting employee’s wellbeing. And not just support for the employee but for managers to be able to track performance and understand issues around poor performance. Crucially, by checking in regularly on people’s wellbeing enables managers to spot any early warning signs of poor mental health and source help from the experts when needed.

But how do you check in and how regularly? As a guide we suggest once a month, formally discuss and document:
1. How’s your month been – current workload
2. Successes
3. Challenges
4. Support needed
5. Provide feedback
6. External factors

Record these discussions and over time you will start to notice trends. Use these trends to help your workforce and drive good performance. Under the current climate this may not be possible face to face using a video platform will achieve the same results.

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