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The effects of poor recruitment

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Hiring the right people is key, and there are many repercussions when recruiting and selection systems fail. There are many ways that bad hiring decisions can damage your company. At Atoll HR time and again we have experienced businesses making a bad hire. Here are the key repercussions we have experienced and what you should aim to avoid:
High turnover – when the wrong person is hired this often results in them leaving and having to be replaced in quick succession
Low morale – ineffective recruitment impacts the morale and productivity of existing staff
Cost – recruitment is costly, advertising, agency fees, interview time, and cv sift all have to be repeated if the position still needs to be filled
Trust and Confidence – Top employees may lose faith and trust in management if they continue hiring poor talent
Reduced productivity – if the employee cannot perform their job effectively, or as well as the person they replaced, it means wasted time
Company reputation – high turnover raises a concern for potential new employees and makes it harder to attract the top talent

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