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Tackling racism and discrimination in the workplace

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Bias and discrimination still remains a feature of today’s society. It is unfair, causes upset and stress, and is often unlawful, we live in a world where all employees have a right to be treated fairly and considerately and to feel safe at their place of work.
Employers have a moral as well as a legal duty to ensure that everyone is treated in a fair, respectful and non-discriminatory way. Some incidents of workplace race discrimination – mostly concerning harassment, are so serious that they may become a criminal issue as well as an employment matter.
Our advice to employers is that you can’t tackle racism with just an Equal Opportunities Policy. We have included a link to the CIPD who are stating that businesses must lead the change. They have developed practical content to support employers to tackle the challenges of stamping out racism.

Tackling racism in the workplace: resource pack for HR leaders (

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