Publishing A New Article

  1. Click on Posts in the dark menu on the left hand side of this dashboard.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Enter Title of the new article.
  4. Click on the large white box below the “Add Media” button and add your text. (No formatting required – this will be applied automatically.)
  5. Go to right hand side of dashboard and click on “Set Featured Image”
  6. At top left of the screen Click on the tab labelled “Upload Files” then the button “Select Files”
  7. Find the image in your file system and Click “Choose” button
  8. In the bottom right hand corner click the “Set Featured Image” button
  9. On right hand side of screen below the Featured Image box click the required category(ies) from the list
  10. On right hand side of screen click the grey “Preview” button to double check your article before publishing
  11. When article is ready – on right hand side of screen click the blue “Publish Button”
  12. To finish – at top right hand side of the dashboard hover over the “Hi there AtollHr” button then select “logout”